Every Traveller Should Do These In Kolkata

Kolkata is a busy city in West Bengal. This is a city where you can find interesting things, unique cuisine and many touristy fun activities. Here are the top activities that you should do in Kolkata.

Mishti doi and Rosogolla

Rosogolla or Rasagolla is a wonderful milk based dessert that you ought to try. There are a lot of other unique sweets that you can find in Kolkata. The cuisine of city is mainly filled with desserts. Apart from these dishes, try Roll and chow main. You can try a lot of different types of dishes with street food vendors.


Rickshaw Journey

You might own a car but, you ought to enjoy a ride on hand-pulled rickshaw. This type of transportation has been banned in many parts of the country. You can enjoy many commercial and local spots of Kolkata on hand-pulled rickshaw and also you can help them earn a little.


Most importantly, it is a unique journey experience. Other unique transportation is tram. It has been on roads before independence. If you want to enjoy a slow journey around the city, tram is the best choice.



If you are looking for shopping, New Market is the right spot. You can find a lot of items here starting from clothes to spices. You need to bargain a lot here. You can also find many souvenirs here. If you are looking for some luxury shopping, try Park Street. There are a lot of shops, clubs, restaurants, pubs and other entertainments here.


Durga festival celebration

If you are visiting Kolkata in October, you ought to take part in Durga Festival Celebration. This is a four day celebration and you can find a lot of ritual and colourful celebrations. Celebrations can be found on every street and you can enjoy unique food items that are made only during this festival.


If you visit Kolkata before Durga festival, you ought to visit Kumortuli. This is the place where artists create statues of goddess. It is an interesting sight to watch how they create their masterpieces.

Mother House

Mother Teresa did a lot of her charity and service works in Kolkata. The house in which she stayed till death is now called as Mother House. This house has a lot of her belongings and her tomb too. It is an important tourist spot. You can also visit the museum that has a collection of her things.


Flower Market

Are you a morning person? If so, visit Mullik Ghat flower market very early in the market. You can find a lot of different types of flowers for auction and selling. You can take a lot of interesting pictures here. It will be very lively from very early in the morning.


Dancing fountain

Victoria memorial garden is a mansion built for Queen Victoria of England before independence of India. It is a wonderful mansion with detailed architectural beauty. The most important element of this garden is the evening dancing fountain show which is held every evening. The water fountain dances in sync to music played.

Rat colony

There is a place dedicated for rats in Kolkata. People visit this place to watch and feed them. This is considered to be an auspicious place as rat is connected to Elephant God of Hindu mythology. It is also called as Rat Park.


It is a crime to avoid Sunderbans while in Kolkata. It is a marsh national park with many exotic animal species. You can take up a wildlife trek here. You can find tiger, crocodiles, dolphins and many other animals and fishes here. There are many trekking tour packages available. You can also stay in cottage near the national park.


Kolkata is a land of everything. You ought to enjoy every part of Kolkata to have a complete experience.

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