A travel is all that it takes!

There were days when people staying in countries or even cities away from their hometown could meet their family just once or twice a year. Connectivity via road was non-existent and via air was too expensive. But talk about today and everyone knows that with a little savings, ingenuity, and “adjustments”, one can travel to almost any part of the world!

But before one thinks of putting pins on a world map and choosing their next holiday destination, there are so many wonderful places right in India that are yet to be explored! An old Delhi walking tour, for example, is not something many Indians would have experienced. Ask anyone who has, and the answer would be to surely be a part of one, at once in a lifetime. So, what charm does travelling within our own country have for us? Here are some of them!

  1. India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Look around and you will find a variety in language, culture, topography, cuisine, and clothing, even if you are comparing just two states! Old Delhi for example has monuments of a variety of religions. In which other locality, would you find Ghalibki Haveli, Fatehpur Masjid, St. James Church, Chunnalal Haveli, and Lal Mandir (the oldest Jain temple in Delhi!), all close to each other!
  2. Travelling within national borders is free from hassle and lots of formalities! Those who want to just book a ticket and reach a destination without standing in very long queues at the airport, or fill a dozen forms for visa and passport applications, and read through a whole long list of international dos and don’ts would enjoy travelling to places like Delhi, for example! There are people from all parts of the world staying right there, so you’d get to meet most of them anyway!
  3. Like Delhi, there are several cosmopolitan cities in India where one can find all kinds of amenities. Whether you want to party till late in the night or enjoy kebabs from one of the Middle Eastern countries, these cities have everything and more on offer for you! Feeling nostalgic – then feast your eyes in the Indian National Museum or enjoy the photowalk through the Tughlaqabad ruins. If you want to see how royalty used to live, then simply opt for an Old Delhi city tour that will take to you to Dharampura Haveli or to Humayun’s Tomb that has a rich history by itself.
  4. Wouldn’t we all like to have a souvenir from all the countries in the world, adorning our homes or as a piece of jewellery or a dress that we can wear? What better place to find them all other than the amazing and varied shopping places of metropolitan cities! Their colourful displays will thrill the heart of any shopaholic and also of those who don’t usually like shopping too much! Delhi is also host to really exciting shopping places like our good ol’ Palika Bazaar, Lajpatnagar Bazaar, Chandini Chowk, Delhi Haat, and international trade fairs – a real treat for the cosmopolitan shoppers!

One of the most well connected cities in the world, Delhi is a never-ending gift for all travel lovers!

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