7 Amazing Places in Asia with Optical Illusions

Optical illusions has become have become a very fissionable trend, and the internet is now awash with pictures of what appears to be people doing crazy stunts at a first glance, only to realize that it is nothing but an illusion when you take a closer look. This trend has become so popular to an extent that optical illusions are now a major tourist attraction, with several museums, galleries, and spots that portray optical illusions using this phenomenon to attract tourist from all over the world. The trend has especially caught on in Asia, where there are a lot of amazing places that optical illusion enthusiast can visit. Below is a look at the top seven places.

1. School of the Arts in Singapore

School of the Arts (SOTA) in Singapore is not specifically designed as an optical illusion attraction, but its amazing structure- walls and wooden pillars- making it an amazing spot for taking optical illusion photos. It is a great destination for optical illusion enthusiasts who wants pictures of themselves appearing to do crazy stunts such as hanging at the end of the ledge. The location has an amazing dark and white color scheme, which provides you with the perfect background for the hanging shots, especially if you are wearing bright clothes. There are also lots of ledges to use for your hanging shots, thus ensuring that you do not run out poses.

2. Grand Illusions, Malaysia

Grand Illusions is the first optical illusion galley in Malaysia, which was opened in 2014. Located in Kota Kinabalu City, the galley uses the phenomenon of optical illusion to provide you with amazing experience where you interact with art piece and other object in a seemingly unreal way. Amazing attractions in the galley include the Gravity Room, where you can have a photo of yourself taken while doing the famous Michael Jackson’s anti-gravity lean stunt. Other attractions include 3D painted art piece where the objects or character pop out like 3D objects and lifelike paintings where the faces of the character in the painting turn and look at you while you are passing.

3. Alive Museum, Singapore

Alive Museum is Singapore is one of the largest optical illusion museums covering about 10,000 square feet of space and with more than 80 trick art, object art, and digital art pieces that offer amazing optical illusions. One of the most amazing attractions is the 2D at piece that are painted using 3D painting technique, thus allowing you to interact with the impressive art work. The museum also displays amazing digital art images that offer an impressive visual reality, as well as object art piece where you can interact with various personalities, animals, objects and even superheroes.

4. Trick Eye Museum, Singapore

The Trick Eye Museum I another optical illusion attraction destination in Singapore, where optical illusion tourism seems to have caught on at an amazing rate. The museum main attraction is the “trick of the eye “art piece (hence the name), where 2D paintings are made using a 3D painting technique thus making them appear like 3D paintings. There are lots of these paintings in the museum, which are found in the walls, floors, and even ceiling. The painting are immersive in nature, where the characters and/or objects appears to come out of the paintings, thus allowing you to interact with them.

5. Mahabalipuram, India

Optical illusion art has only gained its popularity in the recent years, but it is a technique that has been around a long time, even the ancient times. The ancient Mahabalipuram city in India is one of the few places in the world where evidence of optical illusion arts during the ancient times can be found. Here, you will find a pillar curved using an optical illusion technique, which is estimated to have been curved around the 7th century AD – making it one of the oldest optical illusion objects. The curving on the pillar uses the 2-in-1 technique where you can see two different things depending on how you look at it. At first glance the curving appears to be that of a calf under its mother’s udder with the cow licking its head. However, if you look at it more carefully and place a hand at the center of caving, it turns into that of a baby elephant under its mother.

6. Art in Island, Philippines

Art in Island is one of the largest 3D trick art museums in Asia, with over 200 art pieces painted using a 3D technique. The painting include the reproduction of popular art pieces, animals, Egyptian ruins and other several others, which act as an amazing background for photos. The paintings allow you to interact with them, where the object and the character seem to come out of the painting. There are also amazing pieces where you appear to be immersed in the painting.

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7. Trick Eye Museum, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is another location that is home to popular Trick Eye Museum, which debuted first in South Korea. The Museum is located in Hong Kong’s Peak Galleria Mall, where you can explore an amazing collection of 3D art pieces that range from classical art exhibits to adventure pieces where you can take what appears to be crazy, adrenaline rush stunts. The museums also features immersive art piece of Hong Kong, where you can “step inside “art piece of famous Hong Kong places.

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